TWISTED MIND Drawing Upside Down

Here you can see how I finish a one-line drawing "upside down" or twisted on the paper.

Have fun watching!

ART ROCKS! Art on Rocks in Cape Town

Here I have created a great work of art on rocks in Cape Town, the completion of which can be seen here in the clip in interaction with nature.

I find it hard to put into words how proud this work, which I created spontaneously and without any planning under the blazing sun, makes me in my heart.

It reflects my appreciation of the beautiful things on earth and its magnetism, which immediately enchants everything around it!



Drawing another onelinedrawing to my current good-mood song by Shakira and Bizzarap - accomplished with rare direct view directly on the sheet upon my chest.

Song: SHAKIRA || BZRP Music Sessions #53 / January, 2023
License: The Orchard Music (by DALE PLAY Records)

Pont des Arts Selfportrait on a bridge in Paris

Here you can see me drawing a oneline-self-portrait with a canvas and marker on the “Pont des Arts” in Paris. I called it "Don't be silent about what is happening now". It illustrates my longing for honest communication in a time whose characteristics of fear and silence stirs me anew each and every day.

Montmartre One-Line-Drawing live in Paris

During my weekend trip to Paris, I made a detour to the artists' district of Montmartre in order to realize my lifelong dream on the spot: painting, live – with the thrill of failing in public. But it was not so. The painting was sold to a viewer immediately after its completion!

My Tribute to International Women´s Day Break Free

Women are the plenitude of human emotion and the vessel of every creation in this world. From their loving womb grows and thrives love and future of this miracle called earth. May all women break free from all disguise of guilt, fear, self-doubt, oppression and more and continue to be the gift with the elemental power of hearts. Because women are everything, as mother nature is!

Lockdown? Love up! Alasalvaroglu in the shop window: Café Berio becomes a studio

Instead of just staying at home during corona lockdown, I decided to get in action and brought my idea and concept "Lockdown? Love Up!" to life. Friends and fans of my work were able to watch me LIVE at work by passing by the window of a coffee house (Café Berio) and online via Instagram and Facebook for an entire week. At the end I finished seven artworks in only seven days.

Click here for the newspaper article in the Welt!

Police Call 110 "Dark Twin" (ARD)

This is my first commissioned work as an artist for film and television. You can see a variety of my drawings and paintings as visual key-moments in the picture. Thanks to the producer Ilka Foerster for the pleasant cooperation.

See the Movie in the ARD-Mediathek!

Alasalvaroglu in VICE Germany Photos from Berlin: How the city and its residents have changed

VICE Magazine Germany did a little interview with me about how Berlin has changed me and at the same time shows a comparison of pictures from then and now. Thanks to Shirin Siebert for the great shot, which shows me then and now!

Here´s the article in the VICE Magazine!

Meeting Benjamin Stuckrad-Barre Reading: I think I'm not doing so well, I have to lie down somewhere (Remix 3)

Famous author, journalist and presenter Benjamin Stuckrad-Barre (who got in touch with my art on instagram and became a great fan of it since then) asked me to come over to the reading of his latest book at the columbia theater in berlin. Thankful for the invitation, I handed him over one of my artworks LIVE on stage, which I´ve painted several days before I met him right in the front of the audience.


Interview Talking with Caro

Here I speak to my former fellow student Carolin Kamenz about my everyday life as an artist, giving tips for aspiring artists and explaining why I don't like watercolor painting and twitter. In addition to that, the video offers all kinds of insights and new perspectives. Check it out, it's really not only informative but also entertaining.

Watch it on YouTube!

Fatih Alasalvaroglu at ART STALKER ZIBB (television show) in the RBB

German local television (RBB) became aware of the exhibition of my project "365 - Threehundredsixtyfive Days of Art" at ART STALKER and made a small contribution about me as an artist.

Watch the whole tv contribution via Art Stalker on YouTube!

Fatihs Oneline-Art Nothing to Hideaway

Alasalvaroglu produced a clip about his drawing art in 2015. In front of the webcam, a real work of art is created on a piece of paper on his chest in just four minutes. Fatih brings a drawing to life with just one continuous line. The picture grows impressively in the video without him having a direct view onto the paper. It comes into being virtually "overhead". The clip had more than half a million clicks within just a few days and sparked his career as an artist.